general terms and conditions 


...I would love to send you per mail or e-mail. A lot of clients wonder about the process and what I need for the creation. In the following you see an example for the pictures I need for the portrait, which photos I send you from my work, when I request a down payment and how the finished figure looks like. Of course we can arrange an individual process.

1. Please send me a portrait picture of the person,tell me what kind of figure you would like to have and how you want it to be dressed. Besides that I need to know the date you'll need the finished figure.

2. I'll tell you the price and other things you would like to know if it is possible for me to finish the figure until your deadline.

3. Please tell me if you agree with the proposal and send me portrait pictures from different perspectives.

4. If I can work with the pictures I'll start with the creation. I'll let you know if I need some more pictures.

5. You'll get photos from the finished head. If you like the outcome please make the arranged down payment.

6. After this I'll finish the whole figure and send you photos again. Please pay the rest of the arranged sum.

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